@reza.j.79 Instagram Profile 10:14 AM Oct 14, 2018

@ali__spxx 😂😂😂😂همیشه خسته👍😂

@bangstlu Instagram Profile 1:51 PM Oct 14, 2018

Before the engine starts he's already wake up...so that's clearly fake

@sweetsusanshane Instagram Profile 9:54 PM Oct 14, 2018

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@tavinrandazzo Instagram Profile 1:22 AM Oct 15, 2018

U dumb if u think this isn’t staged😂☠️

@y0_0a Instagram Profile 10:46 AM Oct 15, 2018

this is the position i do when i act like I'm sleeping

@gotam_5ive Instagram Profile 5:03 PM Oct 15, 2018

who the fuck sleeps in a playground like that

@x1700x_ Instagram Profile 12:18 PM Oct 28, 2018

This fake cus you notice how he woke up before they stared it