@twisted00162 Instagram Profile 12:27 PM Oct 12, 2018

More effort is put into a stylistic choice, and trust me, it’s hard and takes amble creativity. A lot of people can just re-draw what they see on the show, but it takes hard work to do your own thing. You’ve come so far Koda!

@fomkuh Instagram Profile 12:36 PM Oct 12, 2018

The body dynamics have gotten so much better omg 😍😍

@radinnoorzad Instagram Profile 1:12 PM Oct 12, 2018

2015 is perfect but 2018 is more than perfect!👍👏

@steph.godwin Instagram Profile 1:14 PM Oct 12, 2018

Dear everyone explaining that that like 2015 because it looks more like the show: Please for the love of God read the caption. Drawing something in the style it’s originally in is so much easier than recreating it with your own creative choices. Chill out, guys. The 2018 one is so much more lifelike and has so much more dimension. Both are good, but let Koda be proud of the more recent one. Also, let’s be honest, no one asked “which one do you like better!!1!!!!” No one cares. Either comment with a compliment about the 2018 drawing (or both, but don’t undermine one) or don’t comment. Have a nice day 💞💞💞

@dochie.art Instagram Profile 1:32 PM Oct 12, 2018

Am i allowed to say that 2015 is cute? But other than that the new one looks beautiful

@khosh3kh Instagram Profile 1:38 PM Oct 12, 2018

I love the warm coloring in ‘18 😍 It’s like watching a sunset.

@pirashanartist Instagram Profile 3:10 PM Oct 12, 2018

You’ve been improving so much! The new one looks so bouncy and energetic! The lighting and shading is really nice too!! 💖💖

@her.aim.is.gettin.better Instagram Profile 3:11 PM Oct 12, 2018

Wow, talk about art glow up!!! (Not that the first one looks bad or anything, they're both very lovely)

@addicted_to_ike Instagram Profile 4:36 PM Oct 12, 2018

@steph.godwin the 2015 one is nicer and also just people someone didnt ask for an opinion doesnt mean people cant give it. You put your art up online expect comments good or bad. No one has to stay quiet and no one has to say anything. Just cause someone doesnt like the 2018 version doesnt mean it's bad or that someone is saying it's bad. It's just that persons opinion and theres nothing wrong with that

@iridescent_arts Instagram Profile 6:43 PM Oct 12, 2018

The improvement 😍 can’t wait to see you continue to improve!

@equailox Instagram Profile 8:02 PM Oct 12, 2018

Your hands are on point 👌🏼💯😩🔥

@racia.green017 Instagram Profile 9:04 PM Oct 12, 2018

If u look at the shoulder that is visible, u will see that ut does not line up, that after the strap, it looks like there was a lump in her shoulder

@_.k00laid._ Instagram Profile 12:41 AM Oct 13, 2018

The first one reminds me more of Adventure Time's original style but I love how your style improved :3

@artisticfacade Instagram Profile 1:17 AM Oct 13, 2018

Both of them are super cute! But the recent one really shows your style progression!

@horrisfied Instagram Profile 2:34 AM Oct 13, 2018

I love the movement in 2018!! Her pose is So Good it's a Joy to look at

@mahi_pho Instagram Profile 3:26 AM Oct 13, 2018

Great one I have a feeling you might be interested in our work, Link on my bio, check it out ❤

@lapcatcreations3210 Instagram Profile 11:24 AM Oct 13, 2018

It’s so cool to see how your style has developed! I love the life and personality you brought to the drawing in this new one :) the old one is awesome too, but the new one really showcases your skills!

@spooky_totz Instagram Profile 3 days ago


@blueberryfun5 Instagram Profile 3 days ago

I love the improvement! 👏👏 I also love both of them because they are better than anything I could ever do.

@ceron1818 Instagram Profile 2 days ago

I like how the second one has so much color and it just pops out ✨💙😇