@bornonthursdays Instagram Profile 12:05 AM Sep 15, 2018

@krisalis13 everyone is different but i’ll speak my truth if it helps. i have oily skin and my pores are huge. it’s been two weeks & i haven’t seen any results, actually my skin is breaking out & that wasn’t even my issue to begin with but now it is. I want to be more patient waiting for possible different results, however i feel it’s what’s breaking my skin out & my bday’s in 2 weeks so i can’t have that happening 😂😂 again, everyone skin is different so you never know. my face deff feels clean & smooth after i mask tho!

@krisalis13 Instagram Profile 4:52 AM Sep 15, 2018

@bornonthursdays oh wow okay! Thanks for your feedbacks and honesty! That was very helpful! I'll definitely take that un consideration and keep that in mind! I really appreciate it!

@po_s7h Instagram Profile 7:03 AM Sep 15, 2018

@krisalis13 been using this mask since March or so.. I have an oily skin. Used to have loads of acne on my forehead and right cheek. This mask definitely dries up some of these spots, it definitely draws out toxins from my skin and my pores looks soo tightened. Am poreless for atleast 24 hours after each use, and I do love it because it works well with my acne treatment. I just started using their scrub/exfoliant. Been less than a week, but I think it probably too strong for my skin.

@krisalis13 Instagram Profile 4:21 PM Sep 15, 2018

@po_s7h thanks for the feedback as well! That's very helpful! And I will definitely take that into consideration! Thanks again for the info girl! I really appreciate it! 🤗💕

@sandandskyaus Instagram Profile 12:40 AM Sep 17, 2018

Hey @kuzminanatalia_01! Unfortunately, we don’t currently ship to Russia. We are continuously working to expand our shipping range. Keep updated with us to find out when we do 💛

@sandandskyaus Instagram Profile 12:43 AM Sep 17, 2018

Hey @jennrec0, we don’t currently have any samples on offer but keep updated with us to find out when we do 💛

@rhianna.judd Instagram Profile 12:01 PM Sep 17, 2018

@sandandskyaus samples would be a good idea!! I am keen to try it but it’s pretty expensive if it doesn’t work for my skin

@edyta3 Instagram Profile 9:37 PM Sep 17, 2018

Does this stuff work

@chinggai08 Instagram Profile 3 days ago

This just amazing! ❤ Do you ship in Doha, Qatar?