@huyentxo Instagram Profile 1:41 PM Sep 14, 2018

I loveee a good skin care! Need to try these

@dailykongfidence Instagram Profile 4:15 PM Sep 14, 2018

Ohh love the packaging. Need to pick some up while I’m in Europe.

@samjahiman Instagram Profile 5:25 PM Sep 14, 2018

You’re making me want to try these products!

@arremsdaytoday Instagram Profile 5:35 PM Sep 14, 2018

Hhhmmm this is interesting! I want to check this out

@pipmegan Instagram Profile 10:51 PM Sep 14, 2018

These products all look and sound amazing!

@nuovapelle Instagram Profile 2:18 AM Sep 15, 2018

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@itselizabethtran Instagram Profile 3:00 PM Sep 16, 2018

Really need to try the body scrub! ❤️ It sounds amazing!