@alicegeldmaker1 Instagram Profile 7:20 PM Aug 26, 2018

Best coffee.... my brother owe 3 D&D just dosent have that kick.

@owealth74201 Instagram Profile 4:16 PM Aug 27, 2018

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@olgakurtakova1855 Instagram Profile 8:32 PM Aug 27, 2018

Take photos where children sit on their lap with President George W. Bush Jr.

@kayshlaa Instagram Profile 10:32 PM Aug 29, 2018

George W. Bush, it gives me great honor that you are such a wonderful man! I have been watching many of your speeches and how you communicate with another. You are such an inspiration with a very personable personality. I have written papers over you and this semester and how you have treated many of our veterans! I will be doing speeches over you and your family. It would be such an honor if you could offer me any advice on how to succeed. I pray that one of these days I get to come back to Texas and meet you and your family! I hope you have a blessed week! ❤️

@brendan_thompson Instagram Profile 8:11 PM Sep 10, 2018

Hey guys, go check out my account I post about my passion for animals and my adventures. Big things are coming soon!!! Much love ❤️

@vindin5 Instagram Profile 3:25 AM Sep 18, 2018

Feel sorry for you mr.president i feel bad for you have to taste that crappy coffee u deserve some of the @blackriflecoffee they give out better tasting coffee and hire vets not refugees

@rd2rd2rd2rd2rd2 Instagram Profile 7:15 PM Oct 4, 2018

Are you going to stand up for Kavanaugh or leave him hanging in the wind against the mob of liars?

@itgeeksean Instagram Profile 3:16 PM Oct 8, 2018

I hope the secret service watches these comments and hunts down each of you that make death threats,