@roshnbasu Instagram Profile 4:04 PM Aug 21, 2018

Durgapur steel plant loves basu family and the bushes rest u have to do my job is over.

@roshnbasu Instagram Profile 4:11 PM Aug 21, 2018

Durgapurian peoplw train there childrens also to kill all the red people of this world as more the assasination will take place in this world more red people will die durgapurians are exactly what we r thinking they r red people killers around the world.if i havent studies in that carmel convent my red family would have dies the entire basu family.

@roshnbasu Instagram Profile 4:41 PM Aug 21, 2018

Then only basu family will live under controll of durgapur steel plant and durgapur rest of the red families will survive under the bushes.of america.

@roshnbasu Instagram Profile 4:41 PM Aug 21, 2018

Because basu family is the only red family among the all red families that is mad.

@roshnbasu Instagram Profile 4:42 PM Aug 21, 2018

Dont chase basu family they r durgapurian natives.

@roshnbasu Instagram Profile 2:49 PM Aug 23, 2018

Dont make me marry with girls.i love boys.

@xs7ys Instagram Profile 9:28 PM Aug 28, 2018

I want Saddam Hussein alive

@chinesegoodandsadstory Instagram Profile 8:03 AM Aug 30, 2018

dear grandpapa i want to 知道your plan for ,northKorea 和 ame refugee is which the number money one year give one person,and one do what one year

@blockchainbankers Instagram Profile 6:46 AM Sep 3, 2018

YOU WILL BURN FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO AMERICA... treason, terrorist and traitor... 50k sealed indictments... wouldn’t be surprised if you were already arrested in secret military tribunals then released to be the RAT you are... #adrenochrome #qanon #pedogate #pedowood

@cuomoprmetime Instagram Profile 4:09 AM Sep 6, 2018

Obama made you out to be a Joke !!!! Trump is Real Dealer

@cruzvaladezjuan Instagram Profile 6:13 PM Sep 12, 2018

I am sorry for the loss of your mother, sir.. may she rest in peace and I always say shes in a better place, hooyah!

@bruce.ironheart Instagram Profile 11:55 PM Oct 10, 2018


@saintscorporation Instagram Profile 4:56 PM Oct 18, 2018

I just had a look at your photos. Your perspective is normal but composition is great! Just wanted to say 😉✌

@pavelzyubin Instagram Profile 11:33 PM Oct 26, 2018

It's nice to see decent people smiling.