@keely.mann Instagram Profile 9:38 PM Jul 5, 2018

loving that shelfie situation and the pillows!!

@roozen.abode Instagram Profile 11:12 PM Jul 5, 2018

Can’t wait to check them all out!🙌🏼

@brimoysa Instagram Profile 3:46 AM Jul 6, 2018

So much goodness in this shot

@lovett_designs Instagram Profile 11:53 AM Jul 6, 2018

Beautiful shelfie AND beautiful pillows! Excited to check them out!

@shesgoodcompany Instagram Profile 1:54 PM Jul 14, 2018

@collectivco Sorry, Im confused - I see one pillow in this shot that could possibly be “Hmong”, and it’s definitely NOT this block yellow and mustard one that is tagged. What makes these pillows “Hmong”? Description mentions nothing but “handmade”.