@nxoeed Instagram Profile 4:10 AM Sep 3, 2018

you're getting good at this.

@elleartdesign Instagram Profile 11:16 PM Sep 12, 2018

You are such a true inspiration to Sooooo many...thank you @georgewbush . P.S. I’d love to paint you while you paint me LIVE - can we make that happen!?! 🇺🇸✨

@1ruffwanderer Instagram Profile 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2018

Your painting skill gets better and better with every piece I see! “once you stop learning you start dying”. Bravo.

@aidabellart Instagram Profile 4:03 AM Sep 15, 2018

Would love to see more of your paintings

@mayu_262 Instagram Profile 9:07 AM Sep 27, 2018

Geeeeerg u idioooooot i will save u ..هسايهيهيز

@cindy_mitch Instagram Profile 11:55 PM Oct 8, 2018

One of my very close friends gave me this book. She knows how much I love you and how much respect I have for you. I will never get over you going into a war zone to celebrate Thanksgiving with our troops. It was an incredibly courageous thing that you did and totally self-less. Thank you! You are my very favorite!

@briarosamond Instagram Profile 4:53 PM Oct 28, 2018

I love your work!! I saw a special on you and how you’ve found peace and inspiration through art. Love you.

@sixfeetand1inch Instagram Profile 2:17 AM Nov 4, 2018

Forever in love with your paintings, my biggest dream is to one day be the subject of your work!